Posted by: charlesmccaul | February 28, 2011

Word of Praise from our CEO

Dear Disaster Volunteers:

I was talking to staff this morning and telling them how very impressed I was with each and every one of our Volunteer groups within our 13 counties this past week.  These winter storms brought some significant snow to some areas and cut power for days to others.  When people think about living in California, they never think the residents of California face such disasters.  We found that our senior citizens are the ones that are most at risk.

I want to share a specific story about a 70 year old gentleman that lives in Clipper Mills who called the office on Saturday.  I happen to be here and picked up the phone.  He was telling me that he had been without electricity for 2 full days and there was LOTS of snow in his driveway.  He had a little bit of food in his ice chest and was worried about the snow in his driveway being so high that if the snow on his mobile home roof were to cause a “cave in”, he would not be able to get out for help.  His land lord had plowed the road to his driveway but how was he going to get out????.  The bottom line was that he was just plain alone, scared and needed to feel that someone cared, so, he called the Red Cross.  I immediately called Charles and asked for his suggestions.  He called our wonderful volunteer in Browns Valley and she said “I will get him some food and milk and go up there tomorrow.”  The next day, she bought this food with her own money, traveled up to Clipper Mills and got told by the CHP she could not travel in to the victim because snow was blocking the entrance.  This creative and caring volunteer found another way to get the food to this gentlemen.

Stories like this one are the reason I applied for my job in 2004.  I could hardly wait to work around “Angels”.  Charles came in today with lots of “Angel” stories.  It made me feel so proud.  I am going to forward his stories to National Red Cross.  They need to hear about you too.

Martha Griese


American Red Cross of Northeastern California


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