Posted by: charlesmccaul | March 1, 2011

Clipper Mills Needs

Below is a report I sent to Yuba County Office of Emergency Services yesterday:


This past Saturday we received a call from Quail Ridge Mobile Home Park, 12468 LaPorte Road, requesting assistance.  They had been out of electricity for several days and the caller was running low on food.  CHP wouldn’t let our respond all the way up, but we were able to ferry food from one person to another and get him some basics.

I decided to drive up as far as I could today to check the situation out.  While stopped in Brownsville a lady asked if we had any blankets.  I told her we have plenty of blankets and arranged with Fire Chief Rick Cunningham to place blankets at the Brownsville Fire Department.  There are now 100 blankets stored there; you are free to direct people to pick them up if they need them – free of charge.  They would have to make arrangements with the fire department.  Another option is Ray’s General Hardware can keep them at their site, too, but since they are closed Tuesday we elected to keep them at the fire station.

I drove on up to Clipper Mills, stopping along the way to collect contact information for hardware stores and grocery stores, as well as churches and will compile a Resource List for the foothills.  You probably already have something like this but I’ll send you mine when I complete it.  I arrived at the Mobile Home Park in Clipper Mills – about 5 feet of snow, no electricity for four days.  We going back up tomorrow (Tuesday) and will hand deliver blankets and a case of water and some hand warmers to the residents.  Even though the electricity came back on while I was at the site, we’ll fulfill our promise to them.

Is there any upcoming situational meeting that would be helpful for me to attend?  Also, I have a new Disaster Services Coordinator for Yuba County – Linda Cohee – who lives in Browns Valley.  Linda is a former school principle in Yuba City and already has proven herself eager and teachable.  I’d like for Linda and I to meet you so you can share with her your priorities, procedures and for you to get acquainted with her.



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