Posted by: charlesmccaul | March 2, 2011

Clipper Mills Incident

On Saturday, February 26, the Red Cross received a call from an elderly man living in a small mobile home park in Clipper Mills, Yuba County.  The man was not frantic, but he expressed concern for himself and the other residents who had about five feet of snow.  Even though the landlord had plowed the roadway throughout the park, many of the elderly residents could not get out.  Mr. L requested the Red Cross to send some food up to him if possible.  The Red Cross responded by sending a volunteer as far up La:Porte Road as possible, but could not reach the mobile home park because of snow.  However, a friend of a friend was able to eventually get the small amount of food to the resident.

Red Cross Emergency Manager, Charles McCaul, drove to Brownsville and Clipper Mills on Monday, February 28 to find out how dire the situation was.  While in Brownsville a passerby requested warm blankets.  After consulting with Brownsville Fire Chief, Rick Cunningham, McCaul called his office in Yuba City Ray’s General Hardware and requested 100 emergency blankets be sent immediately to the Brownsville Fire Department.  Red Cross volunteers Dan Foat and Michael Finnerty responded and the blankets are not available to those who may need them – free of charge.

McCaul traveled on to Clipper Mills and visited the Quail Ridge Mobile Home Park.  After a brief visit with the residents to determine their needs, he returned to Yuba City and gathered more blankets, hand warmers provided at a discount by SOS in Yuba City, water, some food for two families, and disaster preparedness literature.  McCaul returned to Clipper Mills, Forbestown and Challenge and distributed the supplies and literature to about a dozen residents.  The residents had been without electricity for six days and were happy to see the Red Cross in action, and very grateful.  Notices were posted in churches and other public places notifying the public of the emergency blankets at the Brownsville Fire Station.

On the way back McCaul’s four-wheel drive got stuck in a snow bank on Joy Circle in Challenge.  Fortunately, one of the many PG & E crews in the area restoring electricity was able to wench him out.  “PG & E exclaimed, ‘Imagine that – I’m rescuing the Red Cross!’”

During the storm  of February 25-27 the Red Cross opened an evacuation shelter in Paradise and were prepared to open shelters in Grass Valley and Burney.  They had many individuals call requesting food, blanket and motel assistance because of the power outages – mostly elderly and disabled.  The Red Cross responded with calls from homes flooded locally as well.

To become a Red Cross disaster volunteer in your county you may call 1-800-934-5344 and ask for the Disaster Volunteer Coordinator, Joe Phlipsak.

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