Posted by: charlesmccaul | April 11, 2011

Tehama County Project Homeless Connect

Thanks to Wini Peterson and Chad Coates we were able to give out 200 First Aid Kits and around 30 Hygiene Kits to Tehama County persons who are either homeless or have very low incomes. Our Red Cross team, Tehama and Glenn County, was well received by both the homeless and by other professionals who were giving their time and energy to make this day a success.

Ron Coates and Wini were able to get the 200 first aid kits as a donation from Owens Pharmacy. I supplied individual dose packets of Neosporin to add to the kits. We gave Hygiene kits to families with children as each kit had items to be used by 4 people.

Tehama County Project Homeless Connect was a very inspiring event to take part in. There were so many services offered at no cost to individuals who were in true need of help. Just to mention a few beyond food, were hair cuts, hot showers, clothing, DMV Services, medical, dental and eye exams. There was even a Vet giving immunizations to dogs that came with their owners.

I found out that Red Bluff Churches partner with other agencies to provide ongoing shelters for different populations of homeless individuals. There are houses also that are used for men only, women only and for mothers with small children. There is a house in Glenn County that I had never heard about until attending this event.

I always enjoy networking with other agencies. I was offered a School Board position for Tehama County Head Start. I was offered a Landscape job in Red Bluff. I was asked if Red Cross can set up a table at the Veteran’s gathering in October. Well’ with all my spare time I should take on two or three of these activities. Actually Shasta and Tehama Counties can represent us in many events in the future.

Just taking part in the Tehama County Project Homeless Connect was a Heart Warming experience. It brought home the reasons for doing volunteer work for Red Cross. If any of you want to do this next year please let me know. I will put you in contact with the organizers of this truly inspiring event. I was contacted by Gail Locke .

Bob Coombs – Willows DAT Coordinator


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